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The acid and alkali resistant and anti-aging of silicone seal
- Feb 06, 2017 -

Acid and alkali resistant anti-aging silicone seal, inert, silica gel itself has a strong inertia, insulation product environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali resistant anti-aging, anti-uv.Silicone sealing strip used for a wide variety of products for the large chemical industry, liquid/gas seal, the carrier can be completely isolated from contact with the outside world, effectively save items.

1, transportation: application in shipbuilding industry, Marine silica gel shock.On the hydraulic system of the silicone seal, oil seal, automobile brake rubber cap.The cup.Hose.Foam silicon rubber sealing ring, shaft seal of exhaust system.The spark plug.Point of the line of fire.Piston ring.Rotor dynamic with "O" ring.

2, radio, electrical: in the telecommunications industry: TVS and high pressure cap in the oscilloscope.The silicon ring and silicon rubber insulation sleeve AOTEMAKE potentiometer.Silicon controlled rectifier tube shell.Contact gas sealing ring.Electrical insulators.Surface conductive rubber switch cover, electronic computer, phone, keyboard switch, pressure sensitive resistance, etc.Silicon rubber sealing head.Motor stator winding insulation

3, instrument and meter industry applications: all kinds of silicone rubber lead wire (used for electric radiant, coil. Transformer. Transformer. A lead wire) refrigerator frost line.Plus hotline, etc.Various kinds of regulator sensitive element of diaphragm, the instrument with heating tablets, acupuncture rubber sheet resistance (high silicone rubber).Instrument shock absorbers.Light silicone foam colored lights.Drying oven.The electric stove.Far infrared heater sealer, fillet.Sponge sealer (replace toxic asbestos door gasket).Seal of the boiler.The silicone hose and sealed refrigeration equipment.All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire (used for electric radiant, coil. Transformer. Transformer. Lead wire, refrigerator frost line. Plus hotline etc. Various kinds of regulator sensitive element of the diaphragm, instrument with heating tablets, acupuncture resistant rubber sheet (high silicone rubber). Instrument shock absorbers. Light silicone foam color lamp set. Drying oven. The electric stove. Far infrared heater sealer, fillet. AOTEMAKE sponge sealer (replace toxic asbestos sealer). Boiler seal. Refrigeration unit seal and silicone hose.

4, medical business: all kinds of catheter, drainage tube.Silicone rubber bionic products, etc.  
Sealing strip has been applied to automobile, door, cabinet, refrigerator, container and other industries, according to the requirements of different industries, has developed the characteristic of car seal, mechanical seal, doors and Windows sealing strip, and other products, so it is widely used in electronic electrician, lighting lamps and lanterns, to industry, chemical industry, machinery and equipment, textile, automotive sealing industry, etc.