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Big sizes rubber hoses
- Feb 27, 2017 -

At present, there are four foreign companies have a long history of dredging take about 40% of the global dredging operations, in recent years, rapid development momentum in our country, also is one of large caliber fluid hose series products, the technical level of the dredger and dredging technology progress and development.At present, the world's largest self-propelled trailing suction vessel "ruffle erickson, dredging depth of 75 m, the capacity of 46000 m3, it shall be 1300 mm diameter, at least for 9 mpa hose burst pressure to meet the ship line or work environment."Of China's biggest dredger" pour sand dredging depth of 39 m, capacity of about 10000 m3, 1000 mm diameter, series hose burst pressure 7.5 MPa.Dredger manufacturing industry in China started late, mainly rely on imports for a long time.

Nowadays, research and development and manufacturing levels made significant progress in our country, the product has entered the half automation level, at present, the product can account for more than 80% of global market supply, the product technology and quality to meet the demand of advanced large dredger dredging.Some new research and development production of rubber products technical performance meet the bad environment and the special function demand of large power sand dredger, therefore, the rubber hose products export proportion is also increasing in the world.As in full swing, rubber hose industry suffered more and more coarse sand, coral and other sharp edges and medium transmission problem.The service life of the ordinary rubber hose under such conditions, no more than 2 months, can't satisfy the use requirement, and has the high wear-resisting lining armoured floating hose solved this difficult problem.In addition, high elastic rubber hose to meet the special requirements of the ship, have resisted the ship high-power pump, variable diameter and bending vibration of dynamic performance.

In order to meet the requirements of more complex, lots of new multi-functional rubber products, such as the rubber hose, climbing tube and stem blowpipe, row suction hose, high elastic telescopic hose, transition reducing hose, etc. Products are constantly emerging.Climbing tube in bending work to maintain the smooth walls;Stem blowing hose connections between trailing suction vessel and pipeline through flexible hose, cone and enhanced floating floating hose, ensure the pipeline at any fore blow transmission stability of the flexible transition;Row suction hose it is widely used in the dredging, either in dredging boat or on the line, all can use its elasticity and meet the delivery pressure of steel skeleton structure and flexible;Since the floating hose is new product of rubber hose in recent years, its can float on the surface of the water, natural flowing on the sea.