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High pressure rubber hoses
- Jul 14, 2017 -

High pressure rubber hose is mainly composed of liquid resistance of synthetic rubber in protectionlayer, middle layer, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ steel wire braided layer, and weather resistant synthetic rubber of rubber, rubber has a high pressure rubber tube to medium to bear pressure, protect the wire from the effect of erosion, rubber cover to protect from damage of steel wire, steel wire layer is the skeleton material, enhanced role.

Construction and use of high pressure rubber hoses:

Hose should not less than the high pressure hose and hose assemblies used under the minimum bending radius, avoid near the pipe bent or flex joint, otherwise it will hinder the hydraulic transmission and conveying material or damage to the high pressure hose assembly.High pressure hose and hose assembly shall not be used in turn.High pressure hose and hose assembly shall be handled carefully and should not be dragged on the sharp and rough surfaces, should not be folded and squashed. 

The high pressure hose and hose assembly shall be kept clean, and the internal flush shall be cleaned (especially the acid pipe, spray pipe and mortar pipe).Prevent foreign objects from entering the tube cavity, impeding the delivery of fluid and damaging the equipment.The high pressure hose and rubber tube assemblies that exceed the duration of service or storage shall be tested and identified before they can be used. 

High pressure rubber hose is a kind of tubular rubber products used for conveying gas, liquid, slurry or granular materials.It is composed of inner and outer rubber layer and skeleton layer. The material of the skeleton layer can be made of cotton fiber, various synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire, etc.The inner and outer rubber of the high pressure rubber tube is made of natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or shunt-butylene rubber.Rubber and rubber butyronitrile rubber for oil resistant rubber;Acid and alkali resistant, high temperature rubber tube with ethylene propylene rubber, fluoro rubber or silicon rubber.

The use of high pressure rubber hose is becoming more and more common. The technical personnel of the high pressure rubber hose manufacturer explain the use of high pressure rubber hose.

1. The bending radius should not be less than the given bending radius to prevent the damage to the high pressure rubber pipe skeleton or due to excessive stretching.

2. Select the type of high pressure rubber hose correctly according to the conditions of use.

3. When used with high pressure rubber hose, the pressure should be equalized slowly, so as to avoid the sudden pressure increase and damage the tube body.

4. When the work place changes, should be removed from the ground, not to be dragged, so as not to scratch the outer glue, to corrode the skeleton layer.

5. Carry out the corrosion liquid, clean up after use, prevent the residue from long corrosion tube body, or choose the corresponding series of products.

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