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Nine Notes for Safty of Gas
- Dec 19, 2016 -

Winter is the gas-prone multi-season, the Municipal Public Utilities Authority to remind everyone to pay attention to nine major issues to ensure the safety of winter gas.

Specific considerations include:
1. The room with gas shall not use other fuels, such as bottled liquefied petroleum gas, coal and so on.

2. The length of rubber gas hose should not exceed 2 meters, the rubber hose shall not across the walls from room to room, and check regularly, replace regularly, if you found hose became old, cracking, tortuous or damaged, it need to be replaced in time. To ensure safety, please use stainless steel threaded pipe as far as possible.

3. When you are cooking, the kitchen should always have someone to take care, in order to avoid the soup overflow extinguish the fire, leading to natural gas leakage.

4. After cooking, please close the stove before the valve. Before going out and at night before going to sleep, keep in mind close the gas source stove valve. Long-term without gas appliance, be sure to close the indoor valve.

5. In case of a sudden interruption of gas, gas appliances should switch, the total valve at the same time off the interior until the normal gas supply before they can continue to use. To ensure safety, be sure to use a gas stove with a flameout protection feature.

6. Six ways to use gas are not allowed: (1) Do not change, demolition of gas facilities and appliances. (2) No gas facilities, such as gas pipelines, valves, gas meters, gas appliances, etc., shall be sealed or installed in an anechoic chamber. (3) Do not piling up debris and live in the room which have the installation of gas in it. (4) Do not hang the electric wire and ropes on the gas pipeline. (5) Do not open or close the gas pipeline public valves; (6) Do not embezzle gas illegally.

7. We should check if the gas pipeline leak daily. Common method is to use a brush dipped in soapy water applied in the gas off the interface, if bubbles appear, that is where the leak, must not use open flame inspection. Found that the problem should take timely and effective protection measures, notify the gas company professionals to deal with.

8. In order to discover the gas leak, should ensure that the gas alarm is in working condition (power).

9. If you found the gas facilities or appliances is leak, please do step by step as follow, 

(1) Shut down the main valves. 

(2) Do not turn on or turn off the main power supply of the gas source; 

(3) To extinguish all kinds of fire or fire source; 

(4) Open the doors and windows quickly, so that natural gas is distributed to the outdoors; 

(5) Go out of the house and call the gas company; 

(6) Ask neighbors if their gas is leak,

(7) If the situation is serious, should be immediately evacuated from the scene, please dial 119.