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Rubber sheet with cloth insertion
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Rubber sheet with cloth insertion is widely used in aerospace, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, construction, electronics, chemical industry, the sports place, post and telecommunications, electricity and other industries. 

Gabe rubber sheet specifications: 

1.5 mm - 80 mm x 500 mm - 500 mm

Low mesh gauze, density: 7 x 15 inch, 15 x 15 inch , sandwich: 1 - layers;

Low Rubber sheet with cloth insertion performance: has the medium pressure, strong tensile strength, small deformation;

Rubber sheet with cloth insertion use: coining seal, circle, used as a light conveyor belt, the powerful demanding work environment;

Low technical parameters: 

the proportion of common requirements: 1.4-1.6;

Pull a power: 3.5 Mpa;

Elongation: 200%;

Hardness: 70 ° + / - 5 °;

Low Rubber sheet with cloth insertion thickness on the whole gabe rubber sheet should be randomly selected five or more different points for thickness measurement and inspection.Can use micrometer heart or the same precision measuring instruments.Accuracy should be within 0.02 mm micrometer, measure the diameter of the drill is 6 mm, flat the diameter of the presser foot was (3.17 + 0.25) mm, presser foot should be able to exert pressure (0.83 + 0.03) N. Insulation pads should be placed flat, so that the micrometer to measure between is smooth.

Low Rubber sheet with cloth insertion national standards: 

10 kv substation voltage choose 8 mm thick power frequency withstand voltage test 10000 v 1 minute not breakdown, in power frequency withstand voltage test of 18000 v, 20 seconds breakdown. 35 kv substation voltage 10-12 mm thick power frequency withstand voltage test 15000 v 1 minute not breakdown, in power frequency withstand voltage test of 26000 v, 20 seconds breakdown. Low voltage transformer room to choose 5 mm thick below 500 v power frequency withstand voltage test 3500 v 1 minute not breakdown, in the 10000 v power frequency compression experiment, 20 seconds no breakdown!

Anti-static rubber sheet and anti-static rubber sheet

Electrostatic skin.Color green + black jersey (compound) product features colorful, wear-resisting performance is good, with excellent antistatic, conducting electrostatic properties.Anti-static index 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 ohms, conducting electrostatic index 1-10 of 10 ^ ^ 6 ohms.

Product use: can be used in the computer lab laid floor and workbench.

Technical parameters: double color structure rubber mat is consists of surface layer is light color, conductive material for antistatic crowded, the bottom is black, conductive material for the production of carbon black.Level not curly, not affected by damp, and can effectively resist corrosion, high temperature resistant, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Industrial rubber sheet, it is more often used in our work product, it displayed in its effect at the same time, we also want to know about it has a certain, industrial rubber sheet is how to display its use effect?Might as well follow us to watch together.

The product, compared with other insulation board, has good elasticity, anti-slip, good water proofing property and is easy to bedding. It has gradually replaced the traditional ceramics, wood, glass, plastic and other insulation material.

Insulating rubber sheet colors are available in a variety of color choices, often use the color with dark look, red, green, etc.;Insulated plate surface is flat, stripe shape, round shape;Thickness according to the breakdown voltage bump resistance range from 3 sister younger sister to 12;Insulating rubber insulation function, according to the actual use the request from 5 kv v - 35 kv is divided into a variety of specifications.

The product quality request has two aspects: on the one hand is the product of the volume of insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, power, status, values of bump such as corona to integrated motor can weigh the insulation rubber sheet;Insulation rubber sheet, in general, the motor can not so careful inspection request, just between the experiment voltage and maximum voltage have surely margin, enough to guaranteeing personal peace.Peroxide can and active additives and sulfur and rang thiazole amine mixture of sulfonated phthalein and or time.The product to add some antidegradant in order to improve the performance of the rubber.Some manufacturers combine antioxidants permanently into the polymer molecules in order to improve its heat resistance.To add people to the rubber mixing stage of antioxidants, compared to the way of combination of antioxidants are harder.Significantly increase the heat resistance of rubber sheet, recipe personnel may consider using price higher hydrogenated butyl rubber (HNBR).The hydrogenation process can remove most of the rest of the unsaturated bond in the polymer. The HNBR less heat, oxygen and ozone destruction.