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The significance of polyethylene rubber hose in the country
- Sep 07, 2016 -

At present there are nearly a thousand rubber hose factories’ production capacity and output increasing, the main rubber hose production capacity among the highest in the world, China's rubber hose with a large number of export products although the basic conditions but the actual export volume is also less.


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene rubber hose’s technology became  matures day by day in China, more and more pipeline project has become a price-moderate excellent performance of the new engineering thermoplastics, which almost focused on the merits of various plastics, wear impact resistance, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance, low temperature, health non-toxic, non-sticking, non-absorbent and other comprehensive performance, is an ideal pipe can be used for a variety of high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance of the liquid or solid-liquid conveying the mixture, such as various acids, lye, crude oil, tailings, mud, coal slurry and power plant ash, slag and so on. Compared with seamless steel hoses, high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has a significant advantage, improve service life in highly corrosive conditions and high wear resistance, even life can be increased several times to several times; because of this pipe wall non-stick and low coefficient of friction, can reduce the delivery pressure or reduced delivery diameter, for long-distance transmission of great importance; the thermal conductivity of this pipe is 10000 times smaller than steel, can greatly reduce the transmission pipeline insulation costs for winter in cold areas and transportation of crude oil and other materials have great significance.