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The Usage of rubber extrusions for cars and how to replace it.
- Dec 12, 2016 -

More and more cars appeared in our life, and become the most important vehicle for peoples. But cars are the similar to people, after a long time also need to have a rest and maintenance. Some people think that car maintenance is changing. Changing oil, filter, air filter, air filter, bath of glass, check the brake pads, nothing to take a bath and so on. But are you sure didn't notice and even think about it. That is your car's sealing strip. Do you have really pay attention to it? Let's talk about the sealing strip if it needs to be replaced too.

Sometimes driving the car forr a long time, when it passed a speed bump, you can hear the noise, occasional wind noise, it seems like the door is not shouted tightly. So now, we have to check the sealing strip. Sealing strip can improve the tightness, once sealing aging damage, it will cause the rain leakage, increase the car driving wind noise, leak and it is easy to make the body corrosion. So for cars, sealing strip is one of the most important parts, must be inspected on a regular basis to maintain at ordinary times.


Sealing strip effect
Automotive sealing strip is one of the important parts of fill body between the components of intermittent, the effect of aperture, shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, decoration, such as function, can effectively prevent the rain into the car, and improve ride comfort and protect the body.

Sealing strip’s aging
Sealing to seal it is inside and outside of gases, liquids effectively cut off, when you drive on the way, feel the strong noise, the car into the sundry etc, could be the biggest car body sealing performance problems, sealing strip is not invulnerable, after a long time it also can be injured, so we have to change damage sealing strip in time, the new change of the sealing strip will continue to give us build a good environment in the car.


Replace the considerations for car seal
1. Replace the sealing strip must be chosen according to their own models using the seal design, now there are many professional vehicle sealing shop, tailored for different models, exactly match the original curve slope and curve curvature, ensure continuity between body parts, avoid combining site to produce air separation, dissolve the periodic wake easily, can reduce the high speed wind noise, at the same time enhance the capacity of the original car air tightness and dustproof.
2. After choose the sealing strip, pulled down the old sealing strip before installation. Article will seal the cover need to wipe up, especially the residual glue, and the old dust and sand, if you can, you’d better tp apply a layer of protective agent, so that it can protect aging sealing strip and can greatly improve the sealing strip of sealing.
3. When you replace the sealing strip, please leave one or two outlet generally, there is one or two outlet below the door, if you don't do it, or when it rains, you will experience heavy rain outside, and light rain in the car.
4. Probably many people have met the situation, within the window sealing strip with the window down, and then pulled together in the door, lift window when rising again. There will be noise when the window lift and down, majority reason is caused by sealing strip, if adjust the position of sealing strip still cannot solve the situation, you’d better to consider to replace the window seals.
5. Do not forget to pay attention on skylight sealing strip, because it exposed into air day by day, it will be damaged seriously, can also cause some broken seal air leakage, leakage of rain. So, skylight sealing strip also should pay attention to timely maintenance.
Actually, car and people, the more you cherish it, it will bring you more safty.