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The use of rubber hoses
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Rubber hose applications covers all industrial production and circulation field, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, ship, dock, tank car, agriculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as the hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, fire protection, hydraulic, medium such as air, water, fog, mud, sand, iron grain of all aspects and so on.

One, for fluid precautions:
1, the use of rubber hose is suitable for conveying fluid.
2, the hose is used in oil, powder, toxic chemicals and strong acid or alkali, please consult a product provider.

Second, the points for attention during the assembly:
1, please select a suitable hose connector hose size.
2, insert the pipe end part of the joint hose, coated with oil at the end of the hose and tube, please do not use fire.After such as failing to insert, can use hot water heating hose inserted into the joint.
3, please insert completely joint of sawtooth pipe end part inside the hose.
4, do not use a joint can push the, may be the cause of hose burst.
5, please avoid excessive ligature wire, please select a dedicated socket or tie.
6, please avoid using a wound or rusty joint.

Three, the points for attention during the inspection:
1, before use check: before using rubber hose, please make sure the hose on the appearance of the presence of abnormal trauma, hardening and softening, color, etc.
2, regular inspection: during the use of rubber hose, please be sure to implement 1 times a month regular inspection.

Four, safety matters:
1, the operator must wear safety protective clothing, including gloves, rubber boots, eye protection, the equipment is mainly used to protect the safety of the operator.
2, to ensure a safe and orderly work area.
3, check whether each joint on the pipe.
4, when not in use, don't make the pipe in the compression state.Closing pressure can extend the hose (silicone hose, teflon hose, rubber hose, food grade hose, sanitary hoses, thermoplastic rubber hose, sanitary plastic hose) life.