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The right way to store and maintain Rubber Hoses
- Sep 07, 2016 -

Most of the rubber hoses are environmentally, non-toxic products, some good hoses requirements, increased flame retardants in rubber, there are harmful substances in flame retardants. First, we must confirm the length of hose we needed, and to check if the hose meets the demands, in order to ensure that the hose is the most appropriate. To determine the working pressure and suction, if the pressure changes or pressure exceeds the maximum allowed work, it will shorten the life of the hose, the end of hose can not be used in the material for too long time. If the bend radius of hose is less than the specified minimum when it was installed, the working life will be shortened too, all of the information should be known before the installation, especially the bending radius of the hose.


Rubber hose must be emptied and cleaned when it was used, you should check the hose when it finished its work, and ensure that the hose is not damaged. If the hose should be used under pressure or deliver liquid for a long time, please test the pressure first. Natural nature and physical properties of the hose will change during working, different rubber raw material and different time, or other factors, will have different variation, Other materials for the reinforcement of the hose will be effected due to the different conditions, including some precautions to minimize prevent aging during storage and other factors.


Rubber hose storage must avoid mechanical stress, and do not over-stretched, pressed, and to avoid sharp, contact with sharp objects. Suitable for storing in the top bracket, or on the dry ground, the should be put flatly, do not stack etc.